"Deb did a great job photographing our family. She had great rapport with our kids, and we ended up with shots that capture us as individuals as well as the spirit of our family."  - Neil

"Deb Klein did our family portraits - and by family I mean us and our two dogs! The pups never seem to want to look the same way at the same time, nor listen to their names when we try to take their photos. But she did a wonderful job capturing all of us in a relaxed setting. I personally hate having my picture taken, but the stroll through the park was so calm and relaxed, that she had taken amazing photos without me noticing there was a camera in front of me. We LOVE our family portraits."  - Krista

"Working with Deb was such a pleasure! She managed the chaos of four humans and two felines with flexibility, humor, and patience.  She was totally open to our suggestions, and figured out ways to get us the shots we wanted."  - Erin

"Shooting our 2 human + hound family photos with Deb was such a terrific experience, I immediately booked another session for head shots! Deb brings an impeccable sense of intuition to her sessions; she knew before we even arrived exactly how and where to best capture the character of our family, as well as precisely the look and atmosphere I was after for the single portraits. She's also a great coach for those of us who are shy or don't quite know how to act in front of the camera. It was a totally fun and professional experience from first contact to delivery of the final shots."  - Chris

"So often portraits feel stuffy, cardboard or perfectly nice, but not representative of oneself at all. DKP makes being both truly you - and who you would want to look like - easy. A joy."  - Dhira