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Monday, April 30, 2018
By Deb Klein

Hi Everyone, 

Happy Monday! It is a rainy, cool, dreary day.... in tiny Petworth, England! An historic market town about 30 miles north of Brighton in the Sussex countryside, and I am ensconced in the local pub with coffee, in front of a roaring woodstove fire, and my Mac. My office for a few lovely hours. I could get used to this.

I decided to do a short bit today on the blog, on BLACK AND WHITE images. I have always been drawn to monochrome images, from way back when I was developing my own film and prints in the darkroom in high school. I was lucky to have that! Pre-digital; being in there and seeing those images appear in a paper bath as if by magic.

So these days with my DSLR, sometimes I shoot b/w in camera, and some I make the decision to convert once I am in my editing software. I really do not know why certain images NEED to be monochrome in the end, I just know that they do! I like the simplicity, and the texture, and often the contrast of light and shadow is more pronounced. Another thing is that the eye isn't bothered by color, and can focus instead on the subject and the composition a bit more. I also LOVE black and white street photography. A favorite of mine is Also this guy is INCREDIBLE: They both vacillate between color and b/w and it is dynamite. A third London-based one is this one: Yet another is my friend Tomash, whose eye and aesthetic I greatly admire for its marvelous simplicity:

Here is a small gallery of black and white images I handpicked for today's post. These are all recent ones from here in Brighton, where there is something special and magical about the afternoon light. I can't explain it. (See Tilly the beagle below for an example. I did VERY little post-processing to this one). I will be creating a page on this site of strictly b/w, which I will build on gradually, so watch for it.


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Kim - i know what you mean when you say certain photos need to be b&w!