Marches and Rallies: The New Normal?
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
By Deb Klein

Capturing and sharing images at rallies and marches has become an important tool for action, as are - of course - the gatherings themselves. Luckily, SO many people are sharing theirs! By taking photographs, you can connect with people you may not tend to otherwise, and for the most part everyone is open to giving their permission (not always so easy for street photographers!). In this cesspool that is our administration, there are seemingly endless atrocities to contend with, and more pop up on a daily basis. In the wake of all this, public gatherings and shows of solidarity have become almost de rigueur. This post isn't meant to wax on about politics and the importance of fighting for our freedoms. It is only meant to as a quickie intro to share my images of three of these events, so far.

They are: The Women's March/NYC (1/21/17), The Immigration March/NYC (1/29/17), and the Not My President Rally/NYC (2/20/17).
Here's a few shots from these albums, below.  VIEW THEM ALL HERE!
Love to hear your rally experiences in the comments, should you wish to share.


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