Concert Portraits: The Lovely Eggs at Glastonwick
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By Deb Klein

Sorry for the unintended break - sometimes the juices need time to marinate! Working on some stories to roll out over the summer.

And NOW for your Bloggy Monday on a Tuesday:

I had the good fortune to see a [new] favorite band play a delightful little music festival called Glastonwick, on a farm near Brighton. Just a coupla hundred people instead of thousands, delicious beer and hard cider flowing, and 3 days of music. This event is apparently a delightful little secret that keeps it from blowing up and becoming something terrible. So *ssssshhhhh*.

Anyway, The Lovely Eggs played on the 3rd (and final day) of the Fest, to all ages and to everyone's delight. Not least mine, AND a handful of younguns pressed up to the monitors next to me. Had I seen a rock show like this at that age, I would be WAY cooler than I am.

Please enjoy these teaser images, and VIEW THEM ALL HERE ON MY FLICKR ALBUM.

See you next week!!

OH and PS - want a Lovely Eggs FUCK IT scarf? Go HERE! And listen to them HERE.




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