Behind Ruth Orkin's famous 'An American Girl in Italy' photograph
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Monday, April 23, 2018
By Deb Klein

Welcome to another Monday in the early Spring. When you are never sure how to dress. You can be sure of our weekly blog posts though!

Today's post is credited to my favorite online spot Messy Nessy Chic. Nessy covers such fun and unique content, it is one of the few newsletters and Facebook posts I revel in - in its entirety - as often as I can. CNN also recently highlighted this story, but my Nessy beat CNN by FIVE years! (posting this article in April of 2013).

Everyone knows this iconic image of An American Girl in Italy, and many have assumed 'the worst' about that moment in time - she may be in danger, a girl alone on her own at that point in time, etc. This article will dispel that myth, and it also talks all about the story of its subject - a woman named Ninalee Allen Craig - and her fateful encounter with budding American photographer Ruth Orkin.

"The year was 1951 and having just quit her job in New York, 23 year-old Jinx was touring Europe alone, something women rarely did at the time. She found a hotel in Florence for $1 a day where came across another American girl, Ruth Orkin, who was also traveling alone. Orkin, a 29-year old aspiring photo journalist and Jinx, a statuesque 6-foot beauty, decided to team up for a photo essay documenting what it was like for a woman traveling alone in 1950s Europe."

Anyone into travel AND photography, especially street photography, will find this feature superbly interesting and also includes other images from their time together. I have included a few of them below. 

For the FULL story and the rest of the images, go now to Messy Nessy's PAGE. And enjoy!  ALL IMAGES ©RUTH ORKIN.

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