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Monday, April 16, 2018
By Deb Klein

Hello all,

I am lucky to be able to take a sabbatical and I am in Brighton UK until September. I'll be shooting away at so many dogs, people, places, your head will spin! Keep up with my flickr and my Instagram and Facebook, to see the latest on my travels and subjects. Anyone over here want to meet up? Please give a shout.

I am staying in a wonderful flat in Hove, and even luckier to have lovely downstairs neighbors... WHO were unlucky enough to have their wee mutt named Mazzie get knocked up by a passing stranger one fateful day months ago. Well...... you have never met 8 cuter puppies than these. This is to ease you into imagining what my time is like when visiting with them. We decided to have a 'photo shoot' of sorts, as only you can with 8 wiggly fat pups who are just learning to walk and explore. And don't eat solid food yet (no treats!). Here are some images from that day.

I will be starting to blog regularly again, beginning with this one. Every Monday, how does that sound? Good. Enjoy! 

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